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Perhaps some of you will have noticed my decline in twitter feeds, my #amwriting tweets disappearing almost completely, my blogs more sporadic, and my amount of time spent on writing in decline. If you have, then you would be correct, as there is a very good reason for this. It seems that my time has been needed elsewhere.

Always, as a Mum first, my writing has fitted in around my family, using the daytimes when the boys are at school as ‘my writing time’. However, over the Christmas holidays, we took the decision to home-school my youngest son for a while. This, I have never considered before, I’ve never needed to contemplate, because my eldest son is and always has been happy at school, and so keeping him at home was never a consideration. However, after two years of sadness, I eventually came to the decision that forcing my youngest to go to a school everyday where he wasn’t happy just seemed wrong. I suppose that I waited so long as I was expecting this to change, and one day I was hoping that he would wake up, and his first question would be something other than, “Do I have school today?” or if the answer was yes, then he would smile, and look forward to his day, rather than face it with dread.

For me, this has been a huge step, but it’s something that I knew that I had to do. Perhaps, a little way down the line, I hope that I will be able to grow his confidence enough so that he will be able to embrace learning, and look forward to his day, enjoying every aspect of school. Being six is far too young to have to face each day with trepidation.

Day by day, I see a more confident little boy, who is discovering learning is something wonderful, something exciting and not something to dread, and one day soon, I feel that he will be equipped to return to a whole new world of schooling, at a whole new school.

On a brighter note, these past few weeks of writing very little, I have read so very much. It’s no longer a book for bedtime for me; I spend much of the day, and evenings reading with my son, books that I would probably never have picked up had I not been ‘home-schooling’. The classics have been revisited, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, so in a way, I am finding even more inspirations than ever before. For this time when I have my son at home, the time is special which I could choose to put my writing on hold, or I could choose as I feel that I have done, to use every precious moment of this time, to savour, and to appreciate each and every quiet moment that I find, to write.

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