The 'C' Monster

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For the past thirteen years, I have spent each and every evening with my head in a children’s storybook. My children each have their favourite stories, favourite authors, favourite literary worlds, as do I but sometimes, if I can’t find ‘the’ book, ‘the’ story, or ‘the’ poem that I’m looking for, then I write one. Henry my youngest son has a great love of all things ‘monster! He also has a passion for computer gaming, and so I would like to share with you one of Henry’s favourite stories that I wrote for him, it’s all about his two favourite things in life; we called it the ‘C’ Monster, (‘C’ being cyber!)


All was quiet and all was still,
It was peaceful and calm at Priory Mill.
It was the time when Henry switched off the TV,
It was time for the ‘C’ monster to be set free.
Each day at five was when he emerged,
He arrived at the moment the power was surged.
With a press of a button and a click of the mouse,
The ‘C’ monster appeared and filled Henry’s house.
Although he’s a monster he wasn’t real scary,
He was slimy and soft and a little bit hairy.
Not small in the slightest but humungous and round,
He stood four whole meters tall off the ground.
He was fat, he was squidgy, he was blue with green spots,
His ears were like trumpets and stuck out a lot!
His eyes wide as saucers, his nose red and shiny,
His feet looked like kayaks and his hands were quite tiny.
“Hello” he called out, “I can’t wait to play!”
“Can we play fun games before you put me away?”
Henry agreed, as ‘C’ was such fun,
It was his best computer game he had no better one.
Henry wasn’t afraid of him, not in the least,
‘C’ was his friend not some kind of beast!
They both raced downstairs so that they could play catch,
Then into the garden and through the vegetable patch!
They raced round the garden, causing havoc with rakes,
Then back in the kitchen to search out crisps and cake,
Cabbages, cauliflowers, and Chocolate Cornflakes!
They bounced on the couch and climbed curtain rails,
They crawled under the table and chased the cat’s tail!
They chatted and chortled and continued to climb,
The leaped over the chairs and swung on the line.
But ‘C’ monster knew when his time had run out,
“Come off that computer came Mum’s voice with a shout!”
“You’ve had long enough your eyes will go square”,
“They wont!” replied Henry with the sound of despair.
“I’m playing with ‘C’” he replied to his Mum,
“Whatever it’s called it’s too noisy, not fun!”
Henry said goodbye and he put ‘C’ away,
“Thank you for playing with me today”.
“I’ll see you tomorrow”, then he flicked a switch,
‘C’ monster smiled as he started to twitch.
It was blue with green spots the colour of the screen,
And ‘C’ disappeared; he was nowhere to be seen.
Henry opened his sketch pad and drew his friend ‘C’,
He was smiling quite gladly as happy as could be,
Knowing that soon, at five the next day,
‘C’ would return and come back to play.
Henry turned off the power, on the spotty TV.
That was when his Mum called him downstairs for tea.


What a great idea! I bet your son loved this. It reminds me a bit of The Gruffalo. Imagine it with illustrations, maybe you should send it off somewhere

Like it lots... had me giggling to myself... I might have to use it in a classroom one day, with your permission, even I can get that into a Maths lesson.....


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