A small stone for many, but a gigantic rock for me.

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Today, whilst walking the dog in the woods, I took a moment to stop, and look around and marvel. The morning was largely grey, but the sun refused to allow the grey to take all the glory. Even from deep within the woods, a patch of blue sky was visible, and through that patch came a ray of light, that cast a spotlight through the branches of the trees, until it fell upon the earth. I have seen this so many times before, but today, I was able to appreciate it even more. I looked at the shapes and the forms of the sunlight, and how the earth below was granted a rare, but special moment in the spotlight, and I marvelled. Today, I saw something unique, something amazing, yet something so ordinary that is often there but all too frequently we are too busy to see. I remembered ‘A River of Stones’, and so wrote down what I saw. When I returned home, I wrote an email to Fiona, sending with it my small stone. A short while later, my small stone became a gigantic rock, and I was delighted to hear that my stone will be the stone for November 6th. The importance and significance of this little stone may seem small, but for me, it’s enormous. I feel that somehow, I’m closer and more connected to the world of writing, the world where I want so much to belong.

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