My Date with Roy!

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If seeing is believing, then being there, attached to a microphone, is going to be the moment when I will believe that it really is happening. Since my last blog, I’ve spent a day or two wandering around on cloud nine, enjoying the fresh clear air, and the view of what could be.

The date and the time has been confirmed. I will be on BBC Radio Wales on Monday 10th October at sometime between three and four o’clock. I am so excited, but also very nervous, but definitely more excited than nervous. My journey continues so until then, I shall wait with baited breath for any feedback or news from ‘the’ Nigel Crowle. I wonder if he’s read the first three chapters yet? I do hope that he liked them, as if he didn’t, I’m sure that he will let me know, live on air, in front of the nation! Oh dear, positiveness breeds positiveness, I must keep reminding myself of this.

So, one week next Monday, I have a date with both Roy and Nigel! This will be my opportunity to set ‘Oliver & the Missing Parents’ free from the closet. I suppose this has always been the dream, so perhaps this is the chance that it needs, the opportunity to share it, because after all, ‘Oliver & the Missing Parents’ does not deserve to be locked away on my computer, but to be shared with everyone!


Yes, go with that. Many congratulations to you, Bev. This has to be very exciting - with a little scary mixed in to liven the mix, no? Have a blast, as they say over this way.


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