Achieving the Impossible

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So many things that were once thought impossible have since been done. These words are encouragement to me; they are words that help me on my journey through the unchartered territories of publishing my book.

At times, destination ‘book’ feels so far away that it is only passable by those who have walked the path many times before. The answer I have been told could be, ‘Endorsements!’ A relatively small word means so very much. An endorsement on your writing travels such a long way; it offers credibility, and so often that springboard. This is great if your next-door neighbour happens to be a famous novelist, or your cousin’s boyfriend happens to work for someone who just happens to be in the industry, but sadly this route is not for me. For this reason, I have to reach higher than the sky, after all there is proof that the sky is never the limit, I’ve seen pictures of footprints on the moon.

I would like to offer my apologies in advance to all of those people who have already received, or are about to receive my letters of request for a few little words. In fact, along with my apologies perhaps accept the offer of my manuscript, and perhaps enjoy reading and endorsing a wonderful story called ‘Oliver & the Missing Parents’.

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