An inspiration to us all...... my sons winning poem.

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On Friday, my son came home from school wearing a shiny gold medal. This made me smile. It wasn’t until I carefully examined the medal that I actually realised its significance. In truth, it was when I turned over the medal and read the inscription on the back, ‘Bardd Y Gadair’. For those non-Welsh speakers who are reading this, that’s ‘Chair of the Bard’, the overall Eisteddfod winner of the school.

To say I was proud wouldn’t come close to explain how I felt inside. To see your child achieving an award is always wonderful, but when that award is in an area where they lack confidence and where they have struggled, makes the achievement even more special. My eldest son is 13, and despite being a scientific and mathematical genius for as long as he can remember, he has always struggled with words. Several years ago in primary school, we were told he was dyslexic, and for this reason he has assumed that achievements in English are out of his reach. This is why this award is more than just ‘The Chair of the Bard’, it’s the key to a door. It’s a lesson in life for him, for me, and for everyone else. At times, things may appear unreachable, but if you keep them in sight, then anything is possible. With hard work, determination and a bit of luck, then noting is out of reach.

I have asked permission from the author, and Oliver has agreed to allow his work to appear on my website. So, sit back, and enjoy the poem that earned my son the title, 'Bardd Y Gadair'. A piece of writing that captured the theme, ‘Young and Old’.

Young and Old

I see in their eyes, I see in their ways,
how others may see me at the end of my days
I'm no longer young, my health, it may fail,
But to me I'm not old, just different and frail.

How did this happen, as not long ago,
I was fit, I was young, so how is this so?
When I look in the mirror, the man that I see,
Is a stranger, although that stranger is me.

When did this happen? Was there a day,
That time stole my youth and then took it away?
Everyone who looks does so with a grin,
As if they are thinking, there’s nought left in him.

What I see is a man, with hopes and dreams too.
Not someone who's old and has nothing to do,
but sit in my chair and wait for the end,
I do not see him and I do not intend.

As the man who looks out of the mirror at me
Is not who I am, but it's what people see.

Copyright Oliver Carr 2012


He's a word wizard and you must be soooo proud of him. Wonderful. Huge congratulations to Oliver - and you!!

WOW if only I could aspire to have your words

Brilliant poetry from such a young boy. He knows exactly how older people must feel.


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