Francesca Simon's 'Horrid Henry' at the Hay Festival

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Excitement and laughter filled the air,
Francesca Simon will be there,
Sharing snippets from her brand new book,
Hundreds of children have flocked to look.
Horrid Henry’s Horror Movie,
Now this one does sound slightly groovy!
The marquee is full,
The stage still empty……
But anticipation, there is plenty!
Then……… without delay…. With much ado
The children cheer, not a single boo!
Francesca Simon steps foot on stage,
And opens her new book at the right page.
Everyone listens as she reads,
Every eye is fixed as she feeds,
Snippets of what lies in store….
Of Henry’s adventures, we want to know more.
The crowd is silent as Francesca reads,
Children listen and also take heed,
Of the tale of their hero, as he shoots
A horror film, it’s quite a hoot!
Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter,
And Moody Margaret if you care to meet her,
Are characters that tell the tale,
Of every child, female and male.
Part of Peter, Margaret and Henry too,
May be lurking inside of you.
You may be Peter outside in,
But Henry too is there within.
Perhaps the perfect child today
Has a part of each working away.
A child like Henry will not do!
But to be like Peter……, someone who
Doesn’t know how to have fun
Or ever play tricks on anyone?
Part Henry, part Peter, and of course part of you,
The perfect combination, you know that it’s true!
So without further ado from the Henry’s and Peter’s,
It was great to see Francesca and eventually meet her
So all that’s left for me to say,
Is I’m very glad that you came to Hay.
After thousands of signings you deserve a large diamond
Thank you so much….. FRANCESCA SIMON!


Perfect blog for the perfect Peter's!


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