Vocation and Cringing!

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One thing that I have learned about writing; it’s not a conventional run of the mill kind of job that happens between nine and five and offers rewards of a nice healthy cheque at the end of each month, because it isn’t. From my experience, it can only be described as a vocation!

Writing is something that you have to believe in, put your heart and sole into, and be passionate about. Making the decision to become a writer is different; it’s not like browsing through the appointments section of the newspaper and happening upon a new role, or even something that your careers advisor would recommend; it’s considered far too eccentric and random to be a reliable option; that is at least until you’ve had your first half dozen or more books published! But, I believe, that to do something that you truly love, that really inspires you, is worth taking a few risks and breaking away from conventions.

Far too many people are stuck in the rut and regret following their head instead of their heart. Maybe it’s as JK Rowling so eloquently put it, ‘the wand chooses the wizard!’ Could it possibly be, the pen, or the Mac chooses the writer? The writer chooses whether or not to guide it. So I chose the pen! Now I need a publisher to choose me. One thing in life that is certain, if you don’t chase your own dream, then nobody will chase it for you.

My reviewing is still happening. I’ve polished and re-polished and am still polishing. Maybe I’m becoming a bit of a perfectionist, but sometimes when I read back what I’ve written, I still cringe! Now, less blogging, less cringing……chapter 5!

Tomorrow, my column should be printed in the Western Mail. Looking forward to seeing that, hope it doesn’t make me cringe!

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